Why do we wish to stand out!

I’m not against the education system or current way of parenting but I think we need to really think hard about how do wish the future to unfold.

I have been interviewing quite a few candidates from some of the very reputed colleges across the country.

To my surprise, when I ask them to share what they think about LeaderShaala’s purpose; inevitably I get to hear that it’s about helping the person stand out from others and then they get into all sort of explanations including cut throat competition and why is it necessary etc.

Very frankly, when we curated our programs, there wasn’t even an iota of thought about helping people compete with others.

The thought/objective/mission/motto/purpose has always been about improving the status quo in terms of the personality of an individual, inculcating skills that are required. It’s about bringing a better version of their own self!

I don’t know how and why, as society, we keep teaching our kids to get into rat race, compete with others and define success as high paying job, luxurious lifestyle ‘in comparison to others’

How can we improve this situation?

Teaching and Parenting have to play a very crucial role!