What does it means to be a CEO?

¤ Being a CEO does not mean that you are the boss. *_“There is only one Boss: the customer. and he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”_*

¤ CEO Is not only a single post, if you are a startup CEO then you have to be Trainer, Manager, Driver, lawyer, debt raiser etc. _Anything or everything :)_

¤ Being a CEO does not mean that you are independent and can take your own decision. Best CEO takes responsibility and *be the voice of the entire team.*

¤ Being a CEO is not that you are independent of the time table and can work according to your own time table. A CEO has to work under the deadline of his clients and he had to take responsibility for 24/7.

¤ _Employee can make an excuse but A CEO Can’t._ Making an excuse can destroy your company.

¤ CEO had to come with the best product, *_Best CEO’s are Best Product Managers._*

¤ He had to take responsibility for every failure and give credit to his team for every success.

¤ *_You have to be a leader, not a Boss._*

¤ _Startup CEO has to focus on the growth of the company more than money._

¤ . *_“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”_* – Leo Tolstoy.