Managers have to be good teachers

A great teacher is not the one who can teach a smart student, rather the one who could create self-belief in not-so-smart student to help him unleash his potential.
In corporate world too, people at management positions have to deal with the ‘under-performing people’. Now, this in itself is quite subjective as there may not be a universally accepted definition for an under-performing employee. It all depends on: Company policies and Discretion of management.
Worrisome is the way how Managers deal with such people
– We don’t provide timely feedback
– We prefer not to work with them to improve performance
– Use Nexus to get a NEW TEAM for them!!
– WAIT for them TO QUIT
This is done without considering the effect such strategy have on the remaining team, the ones who are performing well?
Think of alternatives to handle your Under performers, can we:
– Have courage to give timely and effective feedback
– Do strength analysis and see genuinely if they could do something else
– Assume responsibility and take help from HR around the way forward
– Be Assertive and Tough to take the difficult path in order to improve the performance Choice is Ours!

Responsibility is Ours!! Action should also be Ours!!!