Strategy for Next Level!

The only mantra is..

In addition to the work assigned to you, try and contribute & do things that your senior is doing.

It’s about collaborating with your senior and making things easier for him/her.

Thanks to Mohit who shared this advice when asked for the mantra of him getting #promotion in a short span of time.

✓ This will help free up some of the time of your senior when he/she could focus on more strategic aspects
✓ As your senior does more or focuses on more important aspects, his role is going to be upgraded
✓ And when it comes to who could held the position that your senior has been handling until now, there is great probability of you getting the position.

PS: The problem is when we think we should get promoted and then will do the work expected of that designation.

Instead it is about doing work that is expected of the next level and then expecting the formal rewards!

# Curious to know your strategy for getting promoted?

# How did you earn your last promotion?

# Any advice you wish to share of how to go about achieving the next level?