Relationship Triangle

A typical situation at home that we may have experienced:

Mistake committed by the child, Father scolds the child, and Mother comes for rescue!

Some of you are smiling remembering the scenario 🙂

Now, in this situation there are three roles that different people are playing. Child playing a VICTIM Father playing an AGGRESSOR Mother playing a RESCUER

Now imagine what would happen if such instances keep repeating ?? That will not be ideal for the family as Child may develop low self-esteem, Father may develop an aggressor attitude in other walks of life too; And mother’s attitude in life could become that of a rescuer!

In professional lives too, we need to ensure that we do not remain stuck in one role for a long time.

Be a Manager who balances his act between being assertive & appreciative; an employee who does not always feel victimized rather takes challenges as opportunities and a colleague who motivates rather than someone who just rescues and consoles.