Personality Test

Welcome to your Personality Test

Instructions before you appear for the test:

1. Ensure that you are relaxed and calm before appearing for the Personality test.
2. There is nothing urgent that is going to keep you distracted as you appear for the test.
3. As you will appear for the test where you would be given with 54 statements, please ensure to respond in a fairly quick and conscious manner.
4. Conscious means that you are fully present and not thinking about anything else
5. Fairly quick would mean that whatever the first thought comes to your mind as you read a particular statement, please go with that answer. Otherwise, the results may not show the correct picture.
6. Please don’t be bothered as you might think that similar statement was asked earlier while you go through the test; this is done deliberately and please answer in the manner as suggested above.
7. Fill out your details below to launch the test.

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