Not all colleagues can be friends!

I have had some lovely #friends at office over a decade long career.
And as would happen with friends, we shared trust, #respect, helping attitude and most importantly ‘the food during lunch or dinner’ 😊
It is great to be working and being with people who you can enjoy time with whether it’s about working on a deliverable together, playing table tennis, enjoying the lip smacking dishes of the dhaba nearby, gossiping, having costly coffees and much more 😉

But not everyone at office can be friends!

Here comes the need of understanding and dealing with colleagues while we have to work together and get the project completed but you may not share those friendly attitude & mutual understanding and it could all turn into a hasty political game of taking undue credit of the work or shifting blames unnecessarily!

Curious to know about your experiences while working with friends and with colleagues at office?

Do you have more of friends than colleagues or otherwise?

Is your manager a friend to you or a colleague?