Most powerful three words

We have all heard ‘I love you’ as one of the most powerful 3 words ever spoken.

We have various other set of powerful 3 words used at various junctures in our lives. Take a look:

– I am sorry

– I can do

– Let’s do it

– I can learn

I have been thinking what could really be a set of impactful and powerful 3 words from a leadership perspective.

Well! The one that really sounds so so powerful to me and that really need to be taken into consideration in the present working world is:


We learn from our leaders and apply similar strategies when we become leaders. Hence, it is so important for authentic leadership to take over traditional form of leadership in a way that Team spirit, growth and success of your people and well-being of your employees are given priority.

Let’s join the momentum in bringing these 3 words to life

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