How do I find my passion?

The story of almost everyone..isn’t it?

We get quite confused about choosing our path and with the availability of information on the go things haven’t simplified rather became more complex!

For understanding the passion, the best person to talk to is our own self more than anybody else.

Two aspects that we need to talk about/find out in order to understand our passion are:

– Purpose of life

– Identity

Purpose would mean thinking about the day when you would be lying in your death bed and what would have you wanted from that person who is lying to have done/accomplish in her/his life. Question yourself until you find an answer!

Identity would not mean the qualification or your name, it would be something that you want to be known for by the people around you..something that you cherish..think about your biography and what would have been written on the cover page!

Identity and Purpose will help us derive on what is that we are passionate about. Once you know that, just GO for it!

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