Let your mind work for you, not against you

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About The Workshop

This program helps you in:
• Getting rid of unproductive patterns of mind, i.e. worry, fear, anxiety, anger, procrastination, stress, low self-esteem, shyness etc
• Getting better at productive patterns of mind, i.e. confidence, creativity, pro-activeness, calmness, resilience, joy etc,
• Becoming better at interpersonal relations (Professionally and personally)…helpful for business development and sales as well

This program is for and has been attended and loved by:
• Working Professionals
• Students
• Entreprenuers/Business people
• CFOs, CEOs and Departmental Heads
• Home Makers
• Teachers
• Parents

Our Approach in this workshop:

I know you know everything..that you need to be confident, calm, joyful, affectionate, committed, loving, motivated, relaxed, resilient and shouldn’t be angry, stressed, frustrated, fearful, depressed, shy, worried, undisciplined, procrastinator. But then do you wonder why you struggle in being your resourceful best when you face the critical & crucial situations?

I am sure You don’t need a Motivator to tell you ‘what needs to be done’ (since you already know) rather you need someone who can tell you ‘how to do what you already know’. Believe me, this will be life changing!

Have you ever thought how do you become worried…? Who told you how to get worried? From where have you learnt this art of getting worried? Did you happen to purchase ‘worry’ from the store in a mall? Was it taught to you in school, college or by parents, teachers, mentors, friends????

The above statement makes you think…right??..and that’s how thought provoking discussions the workshop will have that will help you meet your Charismatic self! Remember, ‘Mind is Power-Fool’ and we shall help you understand the concepts through easy to grab exercises, plays, interesting story telling and engaging thought-provoking discussions while making you resourceful by the end of the day.


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About LeaderShaala

LeaderShaala is a new age ‘Paathshaala’ for the millennials and the people mentoring them, the new age thinkers, Go-Getters, Students, Parents, Institutions and the Corporate.

Our belief lies in learning from each other and in high spirit. Our offerings through sessions, workshops and seminars are interactive, thought provoking, motivational, fun-filled and result oriented that are imparted in a easy to understand manner while charisma and subtle wittiness ensure greater impact in terms of application of learning through the interactions, hence bringing the best possible outcome.

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