Confuse your best employee!

I was shocked to listen to these so called ‘words of wisdom’ from senior level management at a renowned organisation.

Confuse him with career directions
Confuse him with perks
Confuse him with status in the team
Confuse him with different definitions of “Growth”

This is when I tried proposing for a well due promotion for one of my reportees.

Instead, wouldn’t it have been better:

✓ to provide him with clear career path
✓ areas of improvement wherever necessary so as to help him grow
✓ sharing exact reasons why he can’t be promoted at this time, even if that has to do with limitations on organisation’s part

Have you also seen this happening around you..the policy of confusing the employees?

What are your thoughts?

How did you tackle this if you were at the receiving end?

Wouldn’t such practices demotivate employees and eventually result in losing trust at a company level?