Personal Coaching

Are you not satisfied with how your child’s life is progressing?

Are you working to achieve some goal, but something keeps you stopping or preventing you to work on it? It is like driving car full throttle with hand-brakes on!

Are you handling a sensitive negotiation and finding difficult in assertively & effectively communicating?

Are you searching for a job and want to remain hopeful to find it?

Do you find yourself less confident?

Do you panic easily when faced with challenges?

Do you find it difficult to remain full of life and hopeful?

Do you feel lack of cordial relationship between you and your spouse/child/boss/employee/parents/in-laws/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Do you find it difficult to improve your productivity?

If the answer to any one or more questions from above is ‘yes’ then we should start talking to each other!

Our Founder, Trigun is an Inner-Most Shift coach that is a combination of:

Resilience & Relationship Coach

Success & Motivation Coach

Transformation Coach

Family Coach

He is trained by Sat and Siri, under International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program, who have devoted 25 years of research, training and coaching in the field of human transformation. We use BestLife practices, adopting from best life ancient wisdom, neuro-science, NLP and principles of quantum physics

Coaching is not mentoring, training, counseling or consulting. These other approaches involve providing inputs and sharing experiences from outside whereas coaching allows the inside-out shift. Coaching is about inviting you to come out with your solutions. The beauty of Coaching is to make people meet their authentic self where immense potential lies that helps raise awareness and defines the best outcome for the Coachee.

Through our Coaching sessions, we coach you to experience a new surge of energy allowing you to Bio-Neurologically integrate in every cell of your being, so that this new experience embeds into your behavior and become natural & unconscious response.

You can take the first step in your transformation by choosing to talk to us for a ‘free’ 15 minutes discussion on understanding how we two with our own uniqueness help you to understand your own potential