Civilised face of an uncivilized person!

While I was waiting for our flight to take off at 11.30 at night along with the fellow passengers..there wasn’t any announcement until 11.50!

At 11.50 boarding was announced and finally the flight took off at 12.30

The surprising element was to observe how calmly everyone waited for their turn to board the flight, passing smiles to the airhostess who was welcoming all, waiting in queue to put their stuff inside the cabins right above the seats.

All of this was happening just about a few KMS away when we, the same individuals, would have created mess on roads while not following traffic rules, leave aside waiting for our turn to take a turn we would have exchanged barbaric slang with fellow commuters!!

The same person behaving differently at different places and mind you..that includes ‘me’!

One thing was clear in my mind..if we could be as civilised as we were at the airport while it helped all of us to avoid unnecessary frustration and anger..we could probably help ourselves remaining calm at different such junctures in our lives.

The only pertinent question remains..will we be able to control our minds? And will our mind help us avoid that unaffordable and avoidable anger & frustration??

Will I change???