Authentic Leadership

These days when I am talking to people about what LeaderShaala is all about and how are we going to help bring a positive change to the status quo, one thing that is coming out unanimously is that people aren’t experiencing ‘authentic leadership’.

The practices that are being followed by such leaders are giving signs of insecurity that they carry about their own jobs. They don’t hire better people deliberately just to ensure that their position of power remains intact! They use their position in issuing Performance improvement plan out of grudge with specific employee..strange isn’t it?

They fail to appreciate others, promote politics within the team that helps consolidate their control over the proceedings.

I think not many would be ‘evil’, its just that they are following strategies they had seen from their seniors and culture of fear of losing job continues!

We need to be smart in order to fill that gap by sharing practical implications of how the situation can be improved provided we start following and appreciating ‘Authentic Leadership’.

LeaderShaala aims to facilitate that cultural shift.

The real growth can be attained if people around you are growing!

Authentic Leadership | Grow With Others