Ready for Performance Appraisals?

Performance appraisal!

That time of the year when we all get excited and anxious about the year-end appraisals! More so if it involves finalizing the numbers of your direct reports; the anxiousness reaches another level in finding the answer to whether your judgement will justify the expectations your Team have with you.

Well the time is here and many of us may have already received the ‘letters’! I think the important factor for all the experienced folks to realize and ensure that the younger ones understand this too (in the language they can digest) is that Law of Averages works!

We may have an ordinary year with good numbers to show while the next year we may have done some great work but ordinary numbers to show against that.

The critical aspect is whether in all of these years would be to to question ourselves:

  • Have we improved?
  • Have we learned new skills?
  • Have we influenced more lives?

If the answer to the above questions is yes then my friend believe me you have had a ‘successful year’.

PS: lets put our thinking caps on to see if we can get better with providing a constructive feedback on questions raised by the team when we discuss the numbers with them rather than just saying that the numbers are driven by company performance and individual’s performance.